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What is the first thing to change in order to implement BIM. Contract documents or Softwares?? Model sharing and ownership transfer have always been a issue. Architects (in NZ) are not very much willing to change the way they work, though most of them are using BIM authoring applications but the methods to model a building needs a sea change in order to be useful for other BIM tools and services.

Interesting question, and I think we have some of the same issues here in the states as to ownership of the model. Additionally, most of industry changes seem to be driven by owners seeking cost savings and better methodologies as Contractors and Design Professionals are leery of change in most any form. They are especially hesitant to be the first, or an early adopter of anything. While some companies have embraced new technologies and ideas, and seen some great successes because of this, it is the exception rather than the rule. The key in implementing any new BIM solution, or actually going paperless with your plans is to find a good resource with verifiable field experience that knows what your people will be challenged with, and not just trying to sell you their bill of goods. Solutions are not about products, but about operations and becoming more effective. There is no miracle that can solve the problems overnight, as just like building, it takes a lot of thought and planning.

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