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Our specs only allow actual cost for change orders and carry a no damages for delay clause. No book values are allowed.

If there's not an actual cost, there's not an actual basis for claim. Using standard rates, if unsupported in their relationship to the specific case, become only the most general approximation. Requiring the contractor to establish the actual cost serves to prove that the contractor was actually damaged, and denies subjective contractual claims. If the contractor can't show cost, then he may be better off to sue for emotional pain and suffering.

Actual cost of Equipment is not as straight forward as Labor, materials and supplies. Many contractors do not keep sophisticated cost records of their equipment. Owner’s like the Texas Department of Transportation whom addresses many equipment related claims has rightfully acknowledge this fact. Under a doctrine of fair and reasonable compensation to the party being damaged, If it is established that a claim has entitlement, and project documents show what specific equipment, materials and labor, where impacted by the occurrence, then a standard like the Blue Book rates for equipment, that has pre-determined what is a reasonable rate for that equipment impacted seems reasonable means of determining equipment cost in an actual cost claim. Equipment does have a cost to own, to operate, and has a replacement value. What’s wrong with using a standard for determining what that cost is? If a contractor does not have cost records of his equipment, should he be barred from recovery of equipment damages in a claim? I think not.

If actual cost of equipments is not directly forward as materials, goods and supplies then there is no actual basis of claim. Plumber Edmonton

All Claimed Costs Be Actual and Documented, it totally depends on the the materials of goods and supplies. http://www.kacexpress.com/

The contractor should have presented actual costs, although those costs could have been prorated over the period of delay. It's true, i appreciate with them. http://www.goldstarservicesinc.com/

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