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There are different priorities set by the ruling. Schools have to be aware of various policies imposed.

I can see why a lot of creditors are starting to favor green schools as a model and investment for financing. It is a sustainable model above all else.

90% of this green stuff is nonsense. We are wasting a ton of money complying with green building codes by using the exact same products we used before. All we now are being forced to do is document the products being used. It is completly wasted man-hours that do not allow us to building the building any faster. And if anyone has noticed in the world economy, we need to be more productive and spend less and not be adding more overhead (i.e. LEED Building Council) to our daily lives.

I still believe that green schools and facilities are a profitable investment. It may not reflect now. But I believe it will produce serious results in the long run.

Yes, I have read your post that is good for the students. But I have seen some cases of green school plans was not successful and it will be wastage of money.

I read just about all of them and got so much from them. If you ask me, you are accomplishing an excellent work..It's great to come across a blog every once in a while that isn't the same outdated rehashed information

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