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P6 is powerful, complex software. It takes 3-4 hours to complete a stand alone install and may take IT support. You no longer just pop in the cd, install the software and start scheduling within minutes. Is P6 the right tool for large scale, multiple project settings? Perhaps. Is it the right tool for small to mid sized stand alone projects? Perhaps not.

SureTrak is affordable, user friendly and for pure scheduling simply runs circles around P6. Many of the tools that most PM's or Control Specialists use are in SureTrak. Still waiting for many of those in P6. As an engineer and constructor having used P6, P3, Contractor, SureTrak (and of course MS Project) I would always choose SureTrak for scheduling and cost loading a stand alone project. It can outline line MSP. It can schedule automatically like ... oh,the others don't in the Primavera family. SureTrak is actully the most powerful tool in many given situations. Primavera just made it TOO GOOD. It is a shame that it will not be updated. Not everyone, not every project requires the complicated features that P6 provide. As a user of P3 e/c, now P6, v7 since its inception. I still use SureTrak when P6 is not required. It takes half the time to complete a cost loaded schedule, the graphics are superior (the only software I have ever used where the print preview is dynamic), has a file save with undo, redo features, costs less that $1,000 retail compared to $2,750 for P6 ... and installs in less than 4 minutes. Then you just use it... Next choice? Most likely MSP for small to mid sized projects ...

my favourite is Primavera Risk Analysis. I think its scheduling and resource handling functionality is better than P3 or P6. It seems quite easy to use, and in addition has the risk analysis functions.

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